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Q: Where is the equipment manufactured?
A: Ellis, Kansas, USA

Q: Who can buy from Wheelchairs of Kansas?
A: Durable Medical Dealers

Q: Where can I find a Durable Medical Dealer?
A: Check your yellow pages under medical equipment or call Wheelchairs of Kansas at 800-537-6454.

Q: Who designs Wheelchairs of Kansas equipment?
A: Wheelchairs of Kansas has an on-site design team.

Q: How do you establish credit with Wheelchairs of Kansas? How long does it take?
A: Print off a credit application from this website and fax it to us at 800-337-2447. A credit application will take as long as it takes your references to get back with Wheelchairs of Kansas (approximately 1-2 weeks)

Q: Where can I find the warranty information about Wheelchairs of Kansas products?
A: You can find the warranty information in several places, such as: On this website, in the catalog or price book, in the owner's manual of the product, or on a separate card shipped with the product (only if the product is older than September 2001).

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